Zeus Design Build

Why Design Build?


You can co-design, it can be some of your great ideas and some of our plans. Also we can help with critiquing your ideas and supporting you while you create your plans. The team that helps design your space also builds it.

We think fewer chiefs is a good thing. If issues arise during construction, we can deal with them without involving separate designers, architects, builders, etc. We work closely with our clients, as co-designers on every project if not lead designers, and we execute their ideas. We like to build sustainably as much as we can. As a design contractor, I feel more attached to the work. We expect our clients to be ecstatic by the end of the job with both the design and the quality of the construction. Our claim to fame is our finishes; we are good in all the finishing aspects from wood work, to metal work, tiling, etc.


  • Conversation
  • Site Visit
  • Project Plan
  • Estimate
  • Refinement
  • Contract
  • Design
  • Construction

Kitchen Case Study

A practice-perfect artisan kitchen opens to easy garden access.

Shades of Green

We don’t believe in green washing. We are committed to offering you every option available in order to realize your vision. We design and build with sustainability and stewardship in mind; our values prioritize green practices and sustainable materials. We also understand that blue-sky ideas and green money don’t always accommodate LEED standards. In the end, it’s your space and will depend on how green you lean.

Jesse heads our team as a LEED certified associate, with ample experience and expertise with the techniques and resources involved in green-building processes. We can provide an assessment of energy-saving options: green appliances, home heating and cooling systems like insulation and windows. The Zeus Design Build team is your experienced partner in collaboration.