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California Country Living

A blend of rustic and modern, Craftsman and Bohemian, this country home beyond the Berkeley Hills started out as a chicken coop more than 30 years ago.

Piedmont Elegance

Turk and Lauri Architecture

This is a kitchen dining room and living room remodel in which we removed a hideous stone fireplace that cut off the flow of the room. We pulled away the fireplace, centering it in the existing space, and removed the wall that divided the kitchen from the living room and dining room, thus opening the floor plan. We installed a modern fireplace unit that gives off minimal heat. The fireplace was built with custom veneer so that the surround looks like it is carved out of an open chunk of wood. There is no ingrain visible.

Veneer is quarter sawn white oak. Fireplace is operated by a remote control. LED flush lighting.

Custom cabinetry made by Arturo Silva. Drawers pull out, which is nice for organization and easy access. We used drawers wherever possible instead of shelving. One of the cabinets houses a pull out industrial-strength heavy duty custom mixing bowl that comes up to waist height.

Table top extension – preparation table that parks at the end of the cabinets. Custom made table made from Caesarstone to match kitchen counter with metal legs. Multi-functional, it can swivel to be a prep table and move to the center of the kitchen as an island.

Berkeley Hills Modern Upgrade

The owner of this home is an architect. Zeus and the client worked together to design and build this modern home with bridge view in the Berkeley Hills.

To make the most of the view, we got rid of the old galley kitchen and removed all the interior walls allowing for an open layout. The kitchen, dining, and living room are now all one where you can enjoy the spectacular view. All furniture placement and functionality (i.e., sink placed directly under window) set up to take advantage of the view. The house was modern in its day and very simple. The architect stayed true to the original design and did a great job of tying the two worlds together; the glass stairway railing, modern lighting with a vintage twist, and redwood paneling fit the “bones.” Part of the redwood wall already existed. We reclaimed some of the existing old-growth siding and reused it to tie together the addition to the existing structure. The overall feel of the house is modern sepia.

Unique Additions

Pull out microwave underneath kitchen island – saves space.
Quartz countertops – custom-blended cement, like granite.