Zeus Design Build

Jesse Rozay, Principal

Jesse-crop-240Jesse’s Northern Michigan childhood was transformed when he relocated to the east bay as a teen. The story goes that he wasn’t allowed to ride a motorcycle while living under his father’s roof, so he decided to design and build his own house.

Fast-forward to the founding of Zeus Design Build. Jesse takes the approach of an eco-steward and artist with mid-western sensibilities. He is a budget oriented and pragmatic project manager with a talent for uncovering seemingly invisible alternatives.

His surprising solutions delight our clients who are relieved to have a talented partner, one they can trust to execute their vision. Having earned a reputation for quality work, we prioritize communication, and a blue-sky approach to creativity.

We are open to partnering with architects, designers and craftsmen to increase the value of collaboration and range of influences. Our experience has proven these are key to building and remodeling spaces that embrace the principals inherent in California living.

Jesse recently returned from an adventurous motorcycle ride across India, returning with a new eye for color, sustainability and the open space we often take for granted.